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What is Zak Acupuncture--Best back pain solution in UK

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What is Zak Acupuncture--Best back pain solution in UK Empty What is Zak Acupuncture--Best back pain solution in UK

Post  masseur on Tue Mar 04, 2008 5:19 pm

What is Zak Acupuncture ( Interview)
A: Nice to see you,Dr Han! As an acupuncturist with 20 years hospital experiences.I know you are very busy, I've talked to surgeons, therapists, chiropractors, and family members with bad backs. Everyone tells me something different. Can you tell us about your pain relief acupuncture therapy?why does it work?
Zak Han: Ok, usually professionals can not be certain about the cause of back pain. According to experts, we can only determine the precise cause of back pain about 15% of the time (for example, a disc herniation pushing on a nerve causing leg pain). But we all have opinions and most vendors are not shy about sharing them. One day the mystery of the back pain will be resolved but for now we often have to live with some uncertainty. Thus, the first af all, we must know which cause pain?
Pain is a warning protector paresthesias and exit the body through bacterial inflammation; stimulation aseptic inflammation or chemical. It suggested the damage of tissue. The bacterial inflammation may occur in the bone tissue, it may also occur in soft tissues, however, the incidence of aseptic inflammation is limited only in soft tissues, not in bone tissue.
As we know, the pain is associated with the nervous system, but with what? It 's actually due to damage of spinal soft tissue, when the muscles and the bones fasce obtained aseptic inflammatory damage, it ' s chemically stimulating the nerve internal purposes, it would transfer immediately to the brain, and feeding back then in the soft tissue injury and then hurt occurs.
In contrast, the traditional concept that "spinal bone proliferation", "disc", "spinal stenosis" “nerve root compression “ believe that the mechanical stimulation is the main reason that causes chronic pain.
I disagree totally with the theory traditional --compression leads to pain, because only the signs of normal nerve show numbness and paralysis are being affected by acute mechanical compression, and it 's no pain. If it 's chronic mechanical compression , because the nerve tissue has a strong capacity to resist oppression, there wouldn ' t even be oppressive, not to say 'pain . Therefore, the traditional doctrine of pain induced by mechanical compression n'équipe not in the truth.
A: But, on the disc surgery, why many cases have analgesic effects of different degrees?
Zak Han: Well, first, (1) Damage of spinal soft tissue, it 's mainly because spinal surgeons unknowingly cut and strip those where the damaged tissue and muscle fasce are linked to bone and this is also the place where pain comes from. (2) and about the damage of spinal soft tissue mixed, surgeons also release unconsciously lesions of adipose tissue located on epidural and outside the spinal nerve . But because this release is incomplete in most cases, it can only achieve analgesia outside really and effectively treating pain, even if such analgesia is achieved, it 's simply due to lesions of soft tissue have been released, not because of the disc have been removed. Surgery in disc only satisfactory effects in the short term and in most cases there are varying degrees of ease after surgery, or in some cases, pain disappears temporarily. However, the long-term effect would be very poor, it 's easy to relapse after two years. It 's being called thus: failed back surgery syndrome (FBSS) when the international meeting.
Thus, all the above facts indicate that the pain induced by mechanical compression traditional defective. Name "disc herniation ,various types of the cervical disease (except spinal type) , spinal stenosis , Spondylolisthesis , hyperplasia of spinal bone and idiopathic scoliosis, should be finished as mal theories. Surgery is necessary in less than 2% of cases of back pain. There are many other effective treatments. Thus, I propose patient, Don 't rush into surgery, not that each disc herniation (ruptures) requires surgery. An operation should only be considered when there is danger of permanent damage herniation pressing force or sensation nerve root, or control of bladder or bowels. Non-surgical therapy trial, including acupuncture. Clearly if the non-surgical therapy or surgical therapy, we must completely destroy the original location of any point of tenderness. Then ,It can really treat chronic pain,
A; What is your acupuncture for pain relief?
Zak Han: OK, acupuncture therapy is ancient. About acupuncture, whether basic or clinical, lacks a satisfactory explanation. Acupuncture points can relieve spasm of soft tissue and reduce inflammation aseptic, it may analgesia. But the sector periosteal attachment to bone and muscle baned by traditional acupuncture, which is exactely a soft tissue damage to the sector, which is the traditional acupuncture could reduce the effectiveness of acupuncture. The new acupuncture soft tissue thrapy deny the meridian and the ACU-point. Intensive and deeply needle in tender point , which is primary injury pain soft tissue damage, it is similar to the operation of soft tissue release, it is effective for the treatment of primary pain, increased efficiency . It should specify: The aim of acupuncture soft tissue are different from the points Ashi point of Chinese medicine, and it is not isolated, it is the injury of three-dimensional soft tissue that you call for a soft point . so that we can say: traditional acupuncture only can do ease pain , can 't make treatment of pain . But Zak 's acupuncture can treatment of pain , effective for the long term. Why? Noted please: acupuncture FOR RELIEF OF PAIN IN ZAK specialize TREATING CHRONIC AND DIFFICULT CASES OF BACK PAIN. According to the theory about soft tissue disease and the thoery of Chinese medicine: "The point of pressure pain was chosen as the point needled deep needling with many needles to reachthe bone and tendon to environments joint lesion was adopted and the mechanism of deep and intensive hand therapy in the treatment of soft tissue diseases were studied. RESULTS: This therapy had functions channel dredging, blood circulation and promotion trigger pain relief, muscles and tendons to relax and the joints, which were the longest and strongest timeas harsh compared to the general simple acupuncture. In particular, it had obvious analgesic effect on the syndrome of pain induced by chronic diseases refractory soft tissue. It indicates that the mechanism eliminates mainly aseptic inflammation, local blood supply increasing, muscle spasm to relax, to stop the pain caused by inflammation, ischemia and spasm. Acupuncture in deep, long, fine needles are placed on back to make the desired therapeutic effects on parts of the deep lower back. This technique has produced outstanding results for thousands of patients in China and has become recognized worldwide as one of the most effective methods for treating a wide variety of difficult-to-control statements douleur pain and this technique was very popular in China.
A: How did your acupuncture for pain relief differs Does traditional acupuncture?
Zak Han:. The main differences is most conditions that the results tend to be faster and more efficient. Despite elminating aseptic inflammation, the study found that a technique may also adopt parts of the brain involved in pain, which could explain how the practice can work as an anesthetic. and locations of needling is different. Although the back has numerous traditionally identified acupuncture is moving along several major meridians, Zak acupuncture to relieve pain has its own unique areas of treatment. In total, it must fully relive the whole point of tenderness , then really can treat chronic pain.
A: How did your acupuncture for pain relief differs Does other methods of deep acupuncture?
Zak Han: A main difference between Zak acupuncture for pain relief and other models is that needles are longer and a lot of needles, but almost painless, as my backgrand long-term medical surgeon and 20 years of experience in acupuncture practice. Naturally, the anatomy of selected points, size of patient 's body, age and constitution all play a role in determining the depth of needle insertion. Areas of treatment are also located differently, For example: do suffer the location on the process of cervical trasverse appropriate always related to headache, migraine, pain inter scapular and cervical spondulosis, the sacro-iliac joint sector OD related to lumbosacral pain, the sciatica without neurological deficit, testicular pain, and the coracoid process associated with painful shoul joint, medial tibia condyle associated with knee pain, without advanced disease, neck pain associated with hip femur, without obvious changes the X-ray, lateral aspect of the posterior spine of the lower lumbar vertebrae, while the sacro-iliac joint, as above, does not benefit, then there may be employed sectors. and ways to maneuver my hands are unique, and once more Electroacupuncture (work next to theory Door pain. The principle of the theory is that door if you can identify the nerve sensation other than Injuries - such as heat, scrubbing, or electric current - your central nervous system close the door all other sensations. This means the pain doesn le 'register t. The electric currents to obtain spine much faster than the pulses are suffering, so they are quite effective in closing the door). In addition, the simultaneous use of physical and mental exercises greatly increase our therapeutic results. (some content adapted from Felix Mann mb)
A:Do deeply needles puncture into the organ?
Zak Han:No, The needles used in my pain relief Acupuncture has been good controled by myself.that it is impossible to puncture into organ. Practitioners are trained to avoid needling into important areas,of course,experience and medical backgrand are nessesary.
A:Can Zak pain relief acupuncture cause paralysis?
Zak Han:No,It can't .The spinal cord stops high up in the spine (lumbar 1) so there are only nerve roots in the lumbar spine. Nerve roots are very tough structures, so even a sizable disc herniation is very unlikely to cause paralysis ,not to say needles putting on acu-point which located on outside of spinal cord.
A:Do deeply needles cause bleeding or infection?
Zak Han: Although the back is richly supplied with blood vessels, there are no large arteries within the treatment zones of my pain relief Acupuncture. Therefore bleeding is rare and, when present, is so minimal that it can be stopped easily by light pressure on the bleeding site. Every practitioner of my pain relief Acupuncture routinely follows an antiseptic procedure on the back, employing only sterilized, single-use disposable needles. The risk of infection is extremely low. Special care is also taken to not needles into inflamed areas.
A:What medical conditions respond well to Zak pain relief acupuncture?
Zak Han: My pain relief Acupuncture treats the same variety of diseases as body acupuncture. However, it is effective most notably in the treatment of chronic pain and nervous system disorders. Specific examples include: acute and chronic lower back pain syndromes, spinal cord injuries, sciatica,Feeling cold leg ,Orbital pain. Trigeminal neuralgia. Reflex sciatica. Buttock pain. Knee pain. Foot Pain Piriformis Syndrome ,Tennis Elbow,Genital pain( Scrotal pain,Testicular pain,Vaginal pain)Sexual pain,infertility,Urinary frequency,Urgency and Urge incontineuce,Dysmenorrhea.,,,, please noted :ZAK PAIN RELIEF ACUPUNCTURE SPECIALISE IN TREATING CHRONIC AND DIFFICULT BACK PAIN CASES WHICH HAVE NOT RESPONDED TO MEDICAL, CHIROPRACTIC OR OSTEOPATHIC TREATMENT.
A:Are there clinical tests demonstrating the efficacy of this acupuncture?
Zak Han:Yes. Many clinical reports from China indicate a high degree of effectiveness, many in cases where body acupuncture had not been sufficiently effective.(see my website) I have practiced acupuncture including deeply acupuncture and general acupuncture over 22 years,Most patients we have treated come from word of mouth, and received a referral from a loved one who has received help from me. There is no guarantee in helping all patients with chronic back pain but most of patient who have been given this treatment can be helped.and you also can find a lot of information about my techniques from my website.
A: Very complicated,Good.Thank you very much!
Zak Han: You’re welcome!

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What is Zak Acupuncture--Best back pain solution in UK Empty its good

Post  sunshine79 on Thu May 21, 2009 1:50 am

Acupuncture is a natural remedy for many problems.

I came across a free report on the net and I really liked it and would like to share with you.


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What is Zak Acupuncture--Best back pain solution in UK Empty Re: What is Zak Acupuncture--Best back pain solution in UK

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It is relly good information and views here which is good to see may be help lots of people thanks for sharing it here its nice from you


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What is Zak Acupuncture--Best back pain solution in UK Empty Re: What is Zak Acupuncture--Best back pain solution in UK

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it is really very valuable information
i like this information


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What is Zak Acupuncture--Best back pain solution in UK Empty Re: What is Zak Acupuncture--Best back pain solution in UK

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