Can acupuncture help with leukopenia and neutropenia?

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Can acupuncture help with leukopenia and neutropenia? Empty Can acupuncture help with leukopenia and neutropenia?

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A number of recent studies have shown that acupuncture can help control a number of symptoms and side effects-such as pain, fatigue, dry mouth, nausea, and vomiting-associated with a variety of cancers and their treatments.but how about Leukopenia and neutropenia?

Leukopenia is a decrease in the number of white blood cells (leukocytes) found in the blood, which places individuals at increased risk of infection.Neutropenia is a sub-type of leukopenia that refers to a decrease in the number of circulating neutrophil granulocytes, the most abundant white blood cells.Low white cell counts are associated with chemotherapy, radiation therapy, leukemia , myelofibrosis and aplastic anemia.....Acupuncture has been reported as an adjunct therapy for this complication.

But, Can acupuncture really help?

The Dana-Farber Cancer Institute reviewed published randomized controlled trials of acupuncture's effect and explored the acupuncture parameters used in these trials. We searched biomedical databases in English and Chinese from 1979 to 2004.They found Acupuncture for chemotherapy-induced leukopenia is an intriguing clinical question. However, the inferior quality and publication bias present in these studies may lead to a false-positive estimation. Meta-analysis based on these published trials should be treated in an exploratory nature only.

What's your experience?

Chinese treatment method;

Treatment method: Da Zhui (GV 14), Ya Men (GV 15), Qi Hai (CV 6), Zu San Li (ST 36), He Gu (LI 4), add Fei Shu (BL 13), Pi Shu (BL 20) for lung cancer; add Qi Men (LR 14), Yang Ling Quan (GB 34) for liver; add Pi Shu (BL 20), Yang Ling Quan (GB 34) for breast, apply reinforcing method, connect electricity after retaining of needles with 50 minutes of dense and loose wave, 7 days treatment is one course

Reference:Lu W, Hu D, Dean-Clower E, Doherty-Gilman A, Legedza AT, Lee H, Matulonis U, Rosenthal DS,J Soc Integr Oncol. 2007 Winter;5(1):1-10

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