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Zak Acupuncture for back pain, Superior to other?

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Zak Acupuncture for back pain, Superior to other? Empty Zak Acupuncture for back pain, Superior to other?

Post  murphy on Mon Sep 13, 2010 7:42 am

Surgery or Acupuncture? It's question for many chronic back pain patients.In fact, that's not far from the truth in some cases. Back pain treatment has progressed to include Zak acupuncture techniques that no longer require surgery for most back pain cases.But, How do you know which kind of back pain is suitable to Zak acupuncture treatment? read here.

There are many advantages to the Zak acupuncture. Most of my patients in favor of Zak acupuncture procedures say there is no soft-tissue trauma since the Zak acupuncture doesn't have to cut through all the layers of muscles and connective tissue. there is no blood lost and complications.But there are still some cases that don't show a huge advantage to the Zak acupuncture. With Zak acupuncture, the acupuncturist has a limited field of treatment so the recovery procedure can take longer.

To help with the debate of which is better,We directly compared Zak acupuncture to the operation. We used a wide variety of measures to determine the effectiveness of each technique and to compare outcomes. The very same factors named as "advantages" of Zak acupuncture were the first units of measure. These included no blood lost during the treatment.Other outcomes used to measure and compare results included pain length of time each patient was in surgery, number and types of complications, and how long it took to get the patient back up on his or feet walking.In almost every measurement, the Zak acupuncture won out. There was no blood lost, less intense pain. Patients in the Zak acupuncture were able to get up and walk after acupuncture treatment.But, recovery time was longer with no trauma to the soft tissues using the Zak acupuncture approach to back pain. But, Patient's pain levels and function were different after both treatment. Surgery maybe a superior over Zak acupuncture in this field.Zak acupuncture isn't quick fit solution, About 15 years ago Zak decided to add deep and intensive acupuncture into the general back treatment in China hospital. He did this after spending almost 5 years researching deep and intensive acupuncture techniques, visiting the famous Chinese medicine specialists, talking to doctors that had already implemented intensive acupuncture into their practices, and talking to herniated disc patients that had successfully completed deep or intensive acupuncture programs. Plus, there really wasn't enough research to support the claims that new acupuncture techniques.Yes,Zak have now helped many herniated disc patients with Zak acupuncture.

What's your experience?

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