Cervical disease, the symptoms are diverse......

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Cervical disease, the symptoms are diverse...... Empty Cervical disease, the symptoms are diverse......

Post  china-doctor on Sun Mar 09, 2008 3:50 am

Cervical disease, the symptoms are diverse, disc herniation and spur the location and different segments, resulting in compression types of organizations, different degrees of seriousness, thereby widely differing symptoms. In the early, cervical nerve was stimulated, cause neck discomfort, pain and activities such as limited. if both sides of the spinal nerve root been compression, in addition to the neck symptoms, but also showed Numbness, upper extremity pain and radiation , grasping fingers and fingertips feel powerless, such as allergies. If the vertebral artery pressure was mainly manifested as headache, dizziness, visual impairment; may also have similar clinical symptoms to "coronary heart disease" or "gastrointestinal dysfunction" . When the spinal cord compression, mainly for the performance of limbs, numbness weakness, difficulty walking, or even standing abnormal gait instability, as well as urine dysfunction, and other symptoms, and at that time, neck not obvious symptoms , But almost all cervical patients do not have the level of dysfunction cervical activities, such as flexion extension, rotation, etc. Ceque activities such as limited performance. In short, cervical disease caused by the symptoms is very different, all kinds of, the need for experienced doctors to be determined.

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