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What Can You Learn from Websites about acupuncturist?

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What Can You Learn from Websites about acupuncturist? Empty What Can You Learn from Websites about acupuncturist?

Post  emma on Sat Mar 28, 2009 8:59 am

As you research acupuncturist, you may come across acupuncturist ratings or rankings websites. physicians' services may be rated, ranked, advertised, or otherwise promoted online. But the information must be interpreted to be sure it accurately reflects the person and the service provided


If the database isn't kept updated, then you may not know about the most recent track record. There is a possibility that the acupuncturist herself could be the person doing the rating on the sites that invite patient input. There may be several acupuncturist with the same name
Patients can be bribed to provide positive rankings/ratings.
So,you may need basic contact information ,check credentials including education, experience and certifications,You want to know whether she is a "good" acupuncturist. This is the foundation for the sites that rate or rank acupuncturist.But don't too rush ,don't belive everything.

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