Do you know the truth about back pain?What's your idea?

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Do you know the truth about back pain?What's your idea? Empty Do you know the truth about back pain?What's your idea?

Post  kite on Wed Mar 19, 2008 9:14 am

Pain is a paresthesia and issue protective warning of the body by bacterial inflammation or aseptic inflammation or chemical stimulation of acute traumatic mechanical stimulation. It suggests the tissue disease or injury. Bacterial inflammation can occur in the bone tissue, it can also occur in soft tissues; However, the incidence of aseptic inflammation is only limited in soft tissues, not in bone tissues.

As we all know, pain is associated with the nervous system ,but with which? It's actually due to the spinal soft tissue damage, When the muscles and fascia of the bone got aseptic inflammatory lesions, it's chemically stimulating the inner nerve endings, It would immediately transfer to the brain, and then feed back into the soft tissue lesion and then pain occurs.

In contrast, the traditional concept that "spinal bone proliferation", "disc", "spinal stenosis" “nerve root compression “ ,they think that mechanical stimulation is the main cause which causes chronic pain.

I totally disagree with the traditional theory of oppression leads to pain,because only signs of normal nerve tissue would show when being affected by acute mechanical compression are numbness and paralysis ,but not pain ,depending on different pressure . About chronic mechanical compression, because the nerve tissue has a strong capacity to resist oppression, there wouldn't even be oppression, not to mention pain. Therefore, the traditional doctrine of mechanical compression induced pain does not fit in with the reality.

But,About the disc surgery, why do many cases have analgesic effects of different degrees?

Firstly,About the surgery of spinal soft tissue damage , it's mainly because that disc surgery surgeons unconsciously incise and strip those damage sites where the muscle and fascia are connected to the bone and also where pain comes from. And about mixed spinal soft tissue damage, the surgeons also unwittingly release adipose tissue lesions located on epidural and outside of nerve sheath. But because the release is incomplete, in most cases ,It can only achieve the analgesic effect without truly and effectively curing pain, even if such analgesia is achieved, it's merely because that the soft tissue lesions are released, not because disc is taken out. Disc surgery only has short-term satisfactory effects, and in most cases there are various degrees of ease after operation, or in some cases ,the pain temporarily disappears. However the long-term effect would be very poor, it's easy to relapse after two years. It's therefore being named :Failed Back Surgery Syndrome(FBSS) in the international meeting.

So ,all the facts above indicate that the traditional mechanical compression induced pain is faulty. Name of “Disc herniation "," various types of cervical disease (except spinal) "," spinal stenosis "," Spondylolisthesis " "spinal bone hyperplasia," and "idiopathic scoliosis," should be ended as wrong theories. Surgery is necessary in fewer than 2% of cases of back pain. There are many other effective treatments .So,I suggest patients,Don't Rush into Surgery,Not every disc that herniates (ruptures) requires surgery. An operation should only be considered when there is danger of permanent damage from the herniation pressing on a nerve root governing strength or sensation, or bladder or bowel control. Try non-surgical therapy including acupuncture.It is clear whether the non-surgical therapy or surgical therapy, we must totally destroy the original site of all the tenderness point. that can truly cure chronic pain,

What you think about this?

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Do you know the truth about back pain?What's your idea? Empty Re

Post  jimparter on Sat Oct 29, 2011 6:35 am

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